goal #2


The Prep will sustain a curriculum that reflects both its roots in the liberal arts and its aspiration to be at the vanguard of student-centered curriculum and instruction. In order to be highly creative in the design of the overall student academic experience, ongoing curriculum innovation and modernization of teacher classroom instruction--including new major redesign of student learning spaces--will become part of its culture. 

Accomplishments to Date

  • Created Summer Service Learning courses for academic credit ✔️

  • Instituted monthly grade-level meetings for faculty and staff to review student progress ✔️

  • Developed academic support program by which qualified students can receive help through enrichment opportunities, extended testing time, or other educational accommodations ✔️

  • Launched annual student evaluations of teacher performance as part of the formative assessment for each teaching colleague ✔️

  • Initiated student perception surveys ✔️

Objectives of This Goal

  1. Initiate a process for ongoing curriculum review.

  2. Foster interdepartmental and grade-level collaboration.

  3. Establish best practices for use in classroom instruction and an environment that instills a love of learning.

This Goal In Action Means

  1. Curriculum at the Prep will be reviewed, and faculty and administration will continue to evaluate the latest educational practices, considering if and how they might be best utilized within that curriculum. Our stakeholders will have a say in this process as well. The review should lead to a broader range of learning opportunities, even stronger learning outcomes and more and more student engagement in learning.

  2. Students will be introduced to a broader range of learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Through classroom instruction and curricular innovation our learners will be positioned to do their best in all things. Students will continue to learn in traditional as well as new ways from motivated, collaborative faculty.

  3. Families can rest assured that their sons are engaged in learning and fully prepared for their futures in college and beyond being mentored and taught by creative, collaborative and student-centered teachers.

Goal #2 Highlights

  1. Introduced a new Professional Development process that will allow cross-subject interaction as well as increased collegiality. It also instills the Ignatian ideal of reflection into the day-to-day classroom teaching practice. Click here to read more about professional development.

  2. To augment our faculty members' skills in the classroom, teachers and administrators created an implemented a Student Classroom Experience Survey (SCES) to get input from students on the course curriculum, the teachers' style, classroom dynamics and more. Click here to read more about the creation and implementation of a Student Classroom Experience Survey (SCES).

Aidan McGahey '20

This past spring, Aidan competed in Philadelphia's National History Day competition, finishing second in the city in the Historical Paper category. His paper on "Historical Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict in Palestine" used primary sources from post-World War I that can only be accessed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. "It's one of the things that I love about the Prep, how we have access to so many great opportunities," Aidan says of his school trip to the Historical Society, organized by History Teacher Leo Vaccaro '05. "It was just a Prep van ride away."

Click here to read more about Aidan McGahey's experience in Morocco and what he thinks about cultural stereotypes.

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