Goal #3


St. Joseph's Prep will become an institution focused on diversity—including but not limited to culture, socio-economic, geographic—equity and inclusion through reflective and inclusive processes that ensure that all members of the Prep community are honored, valued and able to thrive in a diverse and dynamic world.

Accomplishments to Date

  • Designed and held Multicultural Student & Family Fall Welcome event ✔️

  • Created Diversity Council to develop a road map to reach strategic plan objectives ✔️

  • Created Alumni Diversity Committee to re-engage with alumni of color ✔️

  • Created Parent Diversity Advisory Committee, with assistance from parents, to conduct periodic reviews of the needs of diverse families at the Prep ✔️

  • Convened monthly meetings with the 18 local Block Captains in the community  ✔️

  • Provided Diversity and Inclusion staff presence in all staffing search committees ✔️

  • Created Climate Survey for Prep students and colleagues ✔️

  • Launched cultural competency programming for students and colleagues ✔️

Objectives of This Goal

  1. Proactively and progressively broaden the diversity in each Prep constituency.

  2. Create active and varying support systems for all students, parents and colleagues.

  3. Systematically and intentionally engage all colleagues and students in community development initiatives surrounding diversity, inclusion, bias and cultural awareness.

This Goal In Action Means

  1. Diversity and Inclusion committees will be formed to ensure that we actively work towards achieving our goals and experience true change. These committees will allow for colleagues and parents to serve while providing their input. Each committee will work to identify creative solutions to ensure progress is made. Improving diversity should be a priority for everyone and these improvements will benefit all of us.

  2. A two-year diversity plan will be created to develop a roadmap for achieving our goal. A needs assessments and SWOT Analysis will be conducted to allow for us to make informed decisions.

  3. Partnerships are vital to the success of achieving our goal. In particular, partnering with Human Resources to enhance hiring practices, with Admissions to identify new recruitment strategies and with faculty to strengthen curriculum. In addition to strengthening our internal partnerships we also are working with the community to identify ways to improve our neighborhood.

  4. Departments like College Counseling, Student Activities and Counseling Services have already begun the process of achieving this goal by creating and identifying programs and services to support our students.

  5. As we embark on this journey, student input is crucial to accomplishing this goal. Along the way students will be consulted.

Goal #3 Highlights

  1. Prep students are working on cultural competency training in an effort to explore their own cultural identities and appreciate those of others. Click here to read more about Prep students and faculty exploring culture competency.

  2. On Monday, January 14, more than 200 St. Joseph's Prep students, faculty and staff joined thousands of others in our community to volunteer as part of the Dr. martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. The Prep volunteers supported work done at the Gesu School and Girard College. Click here to read more about how the Prep participated in MLK Day of Service.

Carl Whittington '19

Carl just began his freshman year at Villanova University, where he received a full-ride Presidential Scholarship. He feels that the Prep prepared him well for the next leg of his journey. "Although only in my first weeks of college, I am prepared because of the skills and student habits I learned at the Prep," he says. "From handing a challenging workload with papers and assignments, to balancing co-curriculars, I know I can handle it. I don't feel overwhelmed, because it's nothing that I am not already used to."

Click here to read more about Carl Whittington's experience.

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