Goal #4


Create a culture of philanthropy to provide the financial support to accomplish the mission of the Prep. This culture will be based upon financial transparency and the adherence to a proven institutional advancement model. The financial stewardship will be continually and consistently monitored to ensure the everlasting success of the Prep’s mission.

Accomplishments to Date

  • Established Trustee-directed fundraising priorities supporting the Strategic Plan that will engage all constituencies  ✔️

  • Completed campaign readiness study  ✔️

  • Approved campaign priorities with board approval  ✔️

  • Created engagement opportunities for alumni, parents, and parents of alumni  ✔️

  • Engaged alumni and parents in strategic discussions about the future of the Prep and their role in securing that future and established processes for sustaining these relationships  ✔️

  • Formalized ongoing institutional messaging points of interest for Leadership to share with donors  ✔️

  • Created full suite of policies to ensure accurate administration of donor specifications on gifts  ✔️

  • Created strategies that lead to increases in percentage of giving, number of donors, new donors, and number of gifts  ✔️

  • Created stronger mechanism for the Office of Admission and its Director of Financial Aid to work closely with both Finance and Development in execution of Financial Aid strategy as related to donor restricted scholarship distribution  ✔️

Objectives of This Goal

  1. Secure the future of the Prep by building a structured development operation, creating a strong culture of philanthropy.

  2. Establish the relationship between Prep citizenship and philanthropy in which each Trustee is a philanthropic leader and every Prep citizen (alumni, parents and colleagues) understands the importance of their support in ensuring the future of the Prep.

  3. Judiciously manage student enrollment and financial aid, further develop budgeting goals and processes to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the Prep.

This Goal In Action Means

  1. The Prep will create meaningful engagement opportunities for alumni and parents that connects them with our leadership and their vision for the future.

  2. The Prep, under the direction of the Trustees, will establish fundraising priorities that support this strategic plan, leading to a campaign that will engage all constituencies.

  3. Through ongoing communication, education, and personal dialogue, the Prep will build an awareness of the impact of support on our school and, especially, the Catholic, Jesuit education of our students.

Goal #4 Highlights

  1. Donors who support the Prep at a $2,500 or higher level (or a $500 annual gift for young alumni) are thanked for their financial support of the Prep’s mission at the annual President's Reception. Click here to read more about President's Reception.

  2. Over the past year, the Office of Development, led by Chief Development Officer Betsy Courtney, has intensely focused on increasing the engagement levels with alumni, parents and friends to the Prep. Thus far, this year, the team has personally visited more than 300 constituents of the school, already securing more than $5 million in charitable gifts this fiscal year ($1 million more than this time last year). Click here to read more about what the Development Team has been doing.

Sahmir Haganas '21

Motivation for Sahmir comes from being a Howley Scholarship recipient. "Mr. Howley and his family invested in me and my family, so it's only right for me to do the best I can," he says. "I am grateful to the Howley family for their belief in me. I want to make sure I continue to earn that trust."

Click here to read more about Sahmir Hagan's Prep Football experience and the role service plays with the team.

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