Plan 2020

A Strategic Plan for the Prep

December 6, 2016

Dear Prep Parents, Alumni, Colleagues and Friends,

The Board of Trustees of St. Joseph’s Preparatory School is proud to announce the development of Plan 2020: To Move Boldly into the Future. The concept for this strategic plan began with many hours of thoughtful discernment, research and conversations between Rev. John W. Swope, SJ and his advisors. In order to fulfill the mission of the school, the entire Prep community must be united with a shared purpose. To that end, Plan 2020 is designed to prioritize the key strategic initiatives that will focus the Prep for continued success in the future.  

We have partnered with Thomas E. Scheye, Ph.D., a distinguished professor at Loyola University Maryland to guide us in this undertaking. In addition to his teaching and leadership at Loyola, Dr. Scheye has consulted at many Jesuit colleges and high schools in the areas of strategic planning and advancement. He is an expert in both secondary and higher education.

Plan 2020 is currently in development with involvement from all aspects of the Prep community. Expected completion is by May 2017. Please continue to visit this page for updates.

The Board of Trustees is grateful to those who are giving their time and expertise to this endeavor. It is because of the loyalty and devotion of volunteers throughout the community--trustees, parents, colleagues, alumni and students--that the Prep continues educating young men for and with others.


James J. Mergiotti ’71
Chair, Board of Trustees

planning TIMELINE

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Academic Excellence: Rigor vs. Relevance

What does our brand mean: "College Starts Here"

How does our curriculum continue to be effective in the ever-changing market? How are STEM and technology a part of the curriculum?

Culture of Engagement

How are colleagues currently engaged as collaborators or citizens at the Prep? What is the Prep experience for students, alumni, parents and friends?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How is diversity integral to our mission?

How can the Prep remain committed to diversity, equity and inclusion with regard to students and colleagues?

Mission v. Market

A thorough examination of this topic will enable us to answer the following questions:

How does the Prep live its mission?

How does it develop young men to become men for and with others?

Tuition vs. Philanthropy

How can the entire Prep community be more engaged to contribute to the culture of philanthropy rather than a fund-raising model?

Steering Committee

James J. Mergiotti ’71

Thomas E. Scheye, Ph.D.

M. Shawn Bort P ’10

Terence Connors ’72, P ’96, P ’02, P ’08

Rev. Daniel R.J. Joyce, SJ

Stephen Kriz ’92

Joseph D. Mancano, Esq. ’72, P ’13

William T. McKernan ’87

Christian Rupertus

Anthony C. Stevenson, Ed.D.

Rev. John W. Swope, SJ ’72


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