Villiger Executive Council

Last fall, the Villiger Executive Council was established and currently has more than 75 members.

This group of parent leaders meet twice a year with Rev. John W. Swope, SJ ’72, President, and the Prep's Leadership Team and members of the Board of Trustees to discuss strategic initiatives and the vision for the future of the Prep. Villiger Executive Council members become ambassadors throughout the St. Joseph’s Prep community, the Philadelphia region and their own professional and social networks. Members will act in an advisory capacity to the Prep's leadership team and offer counsel on various topics that positively impact the experience of Prep students.

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Villiger Executive Council Members

Mimi and Scott Avellino ’93

P ’20

Marchelle and Michael Leonard

P ’19

Debbie and Mark Bevilacqua ’79

P ’09, ’18

Julie and Louis Linquata

P ’20

Megan and Martin Bryce Jr.

P ’18

Christine and Jim McGovern III ’89

P ’20

Linda and Louis Busico

P ’18

Megan and T.J. McHugh, Jr. ’75

P ’19

Melissa and David Clark

P ’11, ’19

Anne and Christopher Miller
P '21
Angela and Salvatore Cocivera '86
P '19
Monica and Patrick Moeller
 P '21

Lisa and John Figge, Chairs

P ’18, ’20

Suzanne and Jeffery Mullen
P '21

Heather and Ed Foy

P ’11,’17,’18

Donna and Matt Phillips ’76

P ’16,’18

Janet and Stephen Gleason ’83

P ’13, ’15, ’19

Terri and Joseph Pooler Jr.

P ’12, ’15, ’17, ’20

Megan and John Grugan ’88

P ’19

Kristina and Jeff Rosser
P '20
Joyce and Mike Hagan
P ’18, ’20

Kim and Rob Rowello ’91

P ’20

Stacia and Bernie Halfpenny

P ’16, ’18

Amy and Chris Ruggiero ‘89

P ’20

Lisa and Neil Hughes

P ’16, ’18

Laura and Craig Scheuerle

P ’11, ’14, ’16, ’18

Karen and David Ix

P ’16, ’18

Maria and Stephen Schreder

P ’17, ’19

Regina and Paul Johnson Sr.

P ’13, ’15, ’17, ’20

Lynne and Tom Sergi

P ’18
Anne and James King '81
P '21
Carol and David Sponseller
P '21
Diane and John Kuzy
P '21

Kristina and Mark Vacha

Andrea and Frank Lawson
P '20

Susan and Don Wall ’80

P ’14, ’16, ’20

Mary and Bill Zsembik Jr. ’85

P ’18


For more information and to get involved, contact:

Linda Rooney
Director of Development Operations

St. Joseph's Preparatory School
1733 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130
tel: 215.978.1950
fax: 215.765.1710
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