Since 1851, the Prep has produced leaders in our communities, our businesses, our families, and our faith. We hear often, "Prep guys seem to be everywhere in this city!" and we're proud of that. Nearly every government agency, company, law firm, and non-profit in Philadelphia employs either a Prep graduate or someone with a connection to the Prep.

That connection, that desire of our alumni to contribute to the progress, success and care of our city and all of those in it, is deeply rooted in our Jesuit DNA.

With great roots also comes a great responsibility for our alumni: to give back and support the school that gave you so much.

Prep alumni are citizens of the school long after graduation. To you we say: your support is vital to ensuring a successful present and future for our beloved alma mater.

Become active in your Prep community!

  1. ENGAGE...with us through social media and mentoring programs
  2. event, mass, service opportunity
  3. LEAD...on a Leadership Council, Alumni Association, or be a Class Rep
  4. SUPPORT...the mission of the Prep by donating today!

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"I wanted to have a chance to work with Prep students and knew that they could do some real quality work with just a little bit of guidance.”
        -Joe Clement '12

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Kevin Ryan
Manager of Alumni Relations

St. Joseph's Preparatory School
1733 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130
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