Transformational Plan

Transforming the institution will provide a welcoming space for the entire Prep community.

"The new outdoor classroom will situate us between the Gesu and Girard to study in the midst of church and street. By its nature, this space will invite students and teachers to consider the dynamic interplay of the spiritual, intellectual and social dimensions of our work and now it speaks to our Catholic identity and Jesuit mission of studying critically in order to serve humbly."
                                                                                                -Susie Cook, M.S., English

Gateway to the Prep and Outdoor Learning Center

A new gateway and more prominent external presence will proclaim our place in the neighborhood and create a more welcoming atmosphere for all who enter. Plans for the outdoor space include areas for learning, student activity and community engagement, as well as improved signage.
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Reimagined Lobby

By relocating the security desk toward the entryway, the new Atrium will become an extension of the Learning Commons--a crossroads that serves as a meeting place for students and colleagues to connect throughout the day. The Atrium will also serve as the Theatre waiting area, as well as a place to entertain alumni, parents and guests.
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Welcome Center and Admissions Suite

By updating our entryway to reflect contemporary sensibilities while improving the positioning and visibility of campus security, we'll provide students, alumni, parents and visitors with a more welcoming experience at the Prep. The new entryway will streamline prospective families' across to an all-new Admissions Suite for a visit that's often their first introduction to the Prep community--and to the quality of the Catholic, Jesuit education we offer.
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Modernized Classrooms

Although our students and faculty have imaginatively adapted in our current building, they deserve modern classrooms worthy of the work they produce and conductive to their vision of what could be. Agile spaces with supporting technology will improve teachers' ability to shift from group work to lectures to real-time assessments of student learning--giving them flexibility to move around the classroom, to more easily interact with students and to promote a come collaborative environment.
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Theatre Facility Renaissance

Theatre and the arts have been part of Jesuit school experience since the 16th century. At the Prep, twenty percent of the student body participates in the Cape & Sword Drama Society theatre program, which plays a central role in student life and boasts decades of alumni, parents and student followers. Despite the theatre program's nationally recognized artistic quality, the technical quality of our facilities has not kept pace. Critical updates will include completely new seating, lighting, staging, workrooms and dressing rooms, as well as a prominent marquee.
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Hall of Excellence

The Hall of Excellence will be a space to acknowledge students and alumni on their accomplishments across all areas of the Prep.
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