Enhancing the Educational Experience

The new Learning Commons will be a space that fosters innovation, encourages collaboration, and maximizes potential.

The Prep Innovation Center and Creative Workshop will give students an advantage in science and engineering at the university level, as they gain experience with materials and engage in research s it is actually practices. It will also provide an opportunity for students who excel outside the classroom to demonstrate their expertise. The flexibility of the space will allow teachers across multiple disciplines to collaboate and create projects that span the curriculum, while inviting students to apply classroom learning in meaningful ways."
                                                                                                - Scott Murphy, M.Ed., Science

Learning Zone

Learning zones through the Learning Commons will maximize student potential by offering work spaces suitable for different learning styles. Individual learning zones will feature carrels or private tables that afford quiet space for solitary study. Collaborative learning zones will accommodate four to size students in rooms that groups can reserve to work on projects  together, preparing them for similar group work in college.
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Counseling and Resource Center

The comprehensive Counseling and Resource Center will empower students to be their very best. The Center will provide one-stop shopping for all the resources students need to thrive and achieve their goals, including tutoring, quiet space for tests, academic support, guidance and other services.
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Design Center

Dedicated computers and design software in the Design Center will provide resources for the creative and coding work supporting projects executed in the Innovation Center. In addition to facilitating students projects, the Center will house classes in digital publications and in tech resources.
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Innovation Center

The Innovation Center will enable faculty and students to work together on hands-on projects that cross disciplines-- creating deeper learning experiences and encouraging interests in fields such as physics, engineering, math, graphic design, robotics and art. The space will strategically adjoin the Creative Workshop in the backstage area of the Theatre to better facilitate technical production.
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Collaborative Work Spaces

Collaborative Work Rooms will provide the opportunity for four to six students and/or teachers a space tow rok on projects utilizing technology and have the ability to access external learning resources.
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Academic Lab

The Academic Lab will provide space for rotating academic departments and faculty to support and engage students in specific disciplines. For example, on Math Department's day, the math faculty would help students explore math-related careers, conduct a Mathletes practice, and provide tutoring.
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