Program of Studies

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Prep, a student must earn a minimum of 26 academic credits (as outlined below), satisfy the State of Pennsylvania requirement for physical education and fulfill community service requirements through our Ignatian Service Program.

Advance Placement (AP) Courses are offered in 18 areas of study. Every student who takes an AP course will sit for the AP exam in May, and many receive college credit as a result of their performance. That is because Prep students perform well above the national and local average; in 2016, 74% achieved a score of 3 or higher (on a scale of 1-5). Admission to all AP course requires the approval of the academic department chairs and the selection process is highly competitive.

AP courses are offered in the following area of study: History, English, Science, Latin, Mathematics, Computer Science and Psychology.

Religious Studies4 credits
English4 credits
Mathematics / Computer Science 14 credits
History (including one year of Government)3 credits
Science43 credits
Classics and Modern Languages 25 credits
Fine Arts 31/2 credit
Electives2 1/2 credits

(1) The mathematics/computer science requirement may be fulfilled by the successful completion of four credits, with a minimum of three credits being earned in mathematics courses.

(2) The language requirement must be fulfilled by the successful completion of a combined total of five credits earned studying Classics and one modern language (French, German, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese). A minimum of two credits must be earned in both Classics and the same modern language. An additional single credit of language (Classics or the same modern language) must be completed for a total of five credits.

(3) For the Class of 2020, the Fine Arts requirement will be based on the successful completion of one semester offering in art or music. Starting for the Class of 2021, (Academic Year 2019-2020), the fine arts requirement may be fulfilled by the successful completion of one year long course or two semester courses in art or music.

(4) Biology and Chemistry must be taken to fulfill part of the science requirement.

Course Load

Freshmen and sophomores are required to enroll in 7 courses. Juniors and seniors are required to enroll in 6 courses per semester.

Students with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 may elect to enroll in a minimum of 6 courses during their junior and/or senior year. Many seniors chose to enroll in 6 courses so that they may have more time to meet with college representatives, prepare college applications and research schools. Every senior must carry at least 6 courses each semester.

Grading Scale (as of September 1, 2016)

GradeQuality Point EquivalentNumerical Equivalency
A4.0100 - 93%
A-3.792 - 90%
B+3.389 - 87%
B3.086 - 83%
B-2.782 - 80%
C+2.379 - 77%
C2.076 - 73%
C-1.772 - 70%
D+1.369 - 67%
D1.066 - 65%
F0.0Below 65%
IStudent's work is incomplete 

Special Note: St. Joseph's Prep no longer ranks its students, a decision derived from the philosophy which encourages care for the individual, not necessarily in comparison to others, and also from a recognition that the Prep is a school with a selective student body and a rigorous college preparatory curriculum; therefore, class rank is not an accurate measure of individual achievement and could be misleading in determining a student's ability to successfully complete college work.



Download our Course Catalog to see descriptions of all courses, including electives, offered at the Prep

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