Service Requirements

Ignatian Service is an integral part of our curriculum. Our students will graduate having immersed themselves in what it means to be a man for and with others. During their four years they will complete a minimum 75 hours.

  • 5 hours for Freshman
  • 10 hours for Sophomores
  • 20 hours for Juniors
  • 40 hours for Seniors

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors need to complete their hours by June 30th. Seniors need to complete their hours by May 15th in order to graduate, accompanied by a 750-1,000 word written reflection on their service experience at Prep. A prompt will be provided at the beginning of the year.

Service hours will be tracked by the Office of Mission & Minsitry through the MobileServe app. Click here for complete instructions on how to download and submit your service hours.

MobileServe Codes

  1. 2020 6D7E25
  2. 2021 3FD6FD
  3. 2022 948990
  4. 2023 6604A8

Guidelines and Opportunities

The Office of Ignatian Service will provide abundant service experiences for students throughout the year. We highly encourage students to do service that is meaningful rather than expedient. The 75 hours is theirs to spend. The purpose of the program is for students to use their talents, make relationships, and have formative experiences. If nothing that is listed is of any interest to a student, reach out to the Associate Campus Minister of Ignatian Service we will certainly find something that suits them.

Helping family members or neighbors will not fulfill a service requirement. Students should be doing that anyway.

Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Woods in the Ignatian Service Office with questions, concerns, or issues with service hours, or opportunities. Communication is vital to this program. We want students to succeed and get all they can out of the program.

Community Hour Service at the Gesu

Students will have the opportunity to complete service hours during their community period at the Gesu School next door. Students will be paired with these middle school students to help them with their school work.

Daily Service

During the year after school service opportunities will be offered. Please check the MobileServe app for updates.


Erick Woods
Associate Campus Minister for Ignatian Service


MobileServe Codes

  • 2020 6D7E25
  • 2021 3FD6FD
  • 2022 948990
  • 2023 6604A8
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