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Welcome to the official webpage of the SJP Music Program. Here you can find information on the student ensembles, music courses, and other music resources offered at the Prep.

Concert & Pep Band

The Concert & Pep Band is the core of the SJP Music Program. Consisting of over 50 students all in one homeroom, this ensemble rehearses every morning before school. Current instrumentation includes a full string section, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and an acoustic & electric rhythm section. Participation is open to all Prep students who play an appropriate instrument!

Jazz Band

The Prep Jazz Band follows the classic format big bands like the Count Basie and Duke Ellington Orchestras. Placement in this ensemble is by audiiton only, and is available to saxophones, trombones, trumpets, piano, bass, drums, and guitar. Currently, the Jazz Band rehearses every Monday and Wednesday after school from 2:30-4:30pm.

Rock Band

The Prep Rock Band is a new ensemble geared towards more popular music. Placement is by audition only, and typically consists of one or more vocalists, guitars, piano, bass, and drums. Instrumentalists who can also sing are given preference. Currently, the Rock Band rehearses every Tuesday after school from 2:30-4:30pm.

Treblemakers A Cappella

The Treblemakers is SJP’s new a cappella group. Again, placement is by audition only, including a public audition in the Prep foyer! Performing everything from madrigals, to barbershop, to the newest pop hits, the Treblemakers rehearse every Thursday after school from 2:30-4:30pm.

Community Choir

The SJP Community Choir is responsible for singing at all of the community’s liturgucal events. Participation is open to all students, faculty, staff, administration, and even parents! There are usually no rehearsals, just come on up to the front left alter before mass and join us in song!

String Ensemble

Any student who plays a classical string instrument is invited and encouraged to join our growing string ensemble. This group performs as both part of the Concert Band and as a stand alone ensemble. Rehearsals are every Friday after school from 2:30-4:30pm.

Music Courses

There are two music courses offered which fulfill the Prep’s Fine Arts requirement. Styles & Analysis in Music is an appreciation type course that focuses on listening to and discussing many different musical elements. This course teaches the student how to effectively articulate their personal reactions to music as an art form. Music Theory & Aural Skills is a more advanced course for students who already read notation and have a basic understanding of music theory. This course focusing on training the ear and developing a thorough comprehension of how complex musical relationships work.

Private Lessons

All Prep Music Program students are offered the opportunity to take private lessons at no additional cost. These lessons can cover instrumental or vocal technique, music theory, ear training, improvisation, composition, sight reading, or any other topic of interest to the individual student.
Lessons are conducted during free/lunch periods - to sign up, fill in your name on the lesson sign up sheet posted on Mr. Schwartz’s office door.

Instrument Repair

Here at the Prep we have a small shop where we can perform basic band instrument repair for free! We can remove dents, fix stuck slides/valves/mouthpieces, solder broken braces, replace leaking pads, and more! If your instrument doesn’t quite play like it used to, bring it to Mr. Schwartz and he’ll fix it up in no time!

Recording Studio

Our fully functional recording studio in the band room, with the latest edition of Pro Tools software, is available for student use! If you are interested in learning how to record, edit, and mix audio then please join the Music Recording Club! There are student recording sessions and master classes by professional sound engineers. Alternatively, if you have a band and would like us to record your next track, we can do that too! Contact Mr. Schwartz for details.

Music Scholarships

Beginning for the class of 2019, the Prep will be offering three $5,000 music scholarships.

Scholarship Requirements:

Any student hoping to earn a music scholarship to St. Joseph’s Preparatory School must take an audition. The audition will consist of three parts:

  1. Scales. The key will be given by the music faculty, and will not include more than four sharps or flats. Students should be able to play at least two octaves, where applicable on their particular instrument. Piano students should use both hands together.
  2. Students should prepare two pieces of their own choosing which best showcase their technical ability and musicianship. Preferably, they should be in two different styles.
  3. Sightreading to be provided at the audition.
  4. Auditioning students should bring a list of the pieces they have played and experiences they have had in music so far - school ensembles, private lessons, etc.

To sign up for a music scholarship audition, please email Mr. Matthew Schwartz ‘02 at

All students who accept a music scholarship and matriculate at The Prep will be required to participate in ensembles appropriate to their specific instrument(s).

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