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What is Rugby?

Rugby is an international sport played originating in England but has spread across the world. From an evolutionary perspective, Soccer evolved into Rugby which then evolved into Football. Hence, it combines the athleticism of Soccer with the agility, speed and strength of Football.

Who plays Prep Rugby?

Many people believe you have to be either large or crazy to play rugby. Fortunately, that is far from true. Few players enter the Prep having played rugby so all players are taught the basics of the sport and are given ample time and instruction to assimilate them to the sport of Rugby. While players understand that rugby is a collision sport, the unique nature of rugby promotes players of all sizes, shapes and athletic abilities with a heavy focus on decision making. Prep rugby is open to all students of St. Joseph’s Prep of all grades.

The team does not cut players from the team. We work with you to push you to compete with your teammates and with other teams. The team fields several teams – a highly competitive, highly ranked Varsity A-side along with a B-side and, often, a C-side – as well as a Junior Varsity team for Freshman and Sophomores. With as many as 90-110 players on the team, we work diligently to ensure all players play in games so we will schedule additional games with other teams in the area.

Where does Prep Rugby play/practice?

Practices are held immediately after school at a nearby field to/from which transportation will be provided. All students will be back in time to catch the afternoon buses. Practices are generally held Monday through Thursday with most games being played on Sunday afternoons. JV games (for Freshman/Sophomores) are typically played on Wednesday afternoons.
While we will play teams in the suburban Philadelphia area, there are occasions when we will go beyond a one-hour drive to play teams.

How do I join?

The best way to join is to speak with one of your classmates about their experience with Prep Rugby, speak with the Prep Rugby Moderator (Mr. Brian McCloskey), or contact any of the team’s coaches. Once you’ve decided to try it, attend a practice and introduce yourself to a coach. From there, you'll be able to determine very quickly if Rugby is for you.

When is the Prep Rugby Season?

"Fifteens" Rugby (15 players on the field per team) is a spring sport for high school teams with initial practices beginning in late January and finishing in late May. Many students play winter sports (basketball, wrestling, bowling, etc.) and finish their regular season before joining their rugby teammates. In the Fall, there is also a “Sevens” Rugby season (7 players per team) which is a much faster paced game than the Spring “Fifteens” Rugby. Hence, there will be practices and meetings throughout the year.

Our games are scheduled by the governing body of Rugby in Pennsylvania and we will play our league season against other area schools which field teams and will compete with teams across the state for an official State Championship. We also opt to play non-league games against many nationally ranked teams to challenge our players against the best teams in the country.

Why should I join?

Joining the Prep Rugby team is certainly an athletic endeavor. It is a commitment of time, energy and focus. However, the greatest benefit is that of the team. The camaraderie, the teamwork, the mutual successes and even the mutual failures – each adds to the growth of our players as individuals but also as Men for Others.

Prep Rugby Success

The Prep Rugby Team was started in 2005 and has since found success visiting the National Championship Tournament in 2008 (finishing 8th), winning the PA State Championship game in 2011 and reaching the State Championship Finals in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016.

Every two years, the team will travel overseas to gain valuable training and experience the culture of Rugby enveloped in the culture of another country. In past years, we have visited France, Ireland, Argentina, Spain and, most recently, in Chile. In the alternating years, the team will take a long weekend trip southward to North/South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or other southern states to play other teams or enter into tournaments.


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