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AP Psychology 

PSY 401 - AP Psychology

This course will introduce students to the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and the cognitive processes of humans and animals. Psychology will be presented as both a theoretical and a practical science. Students will examine significant psychological research and learn how psychology impacts everyday lives. Major topics of study include: research methods and statistics, neuroanatomy and brain physiology, human development, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, memory, thinking and language, intelligence, motivation, emotion, personality, abnormal behavior and psychopathology, psychotherapy, and social psychology. This course will use a combination of lectures, demonstrations, class discussions, research articles, and videos. A critical component of this class will be assigned reading and written assignments.

Prerequisite: Minimum of a 3.75 cumulative GPA, an A in Biology, and the instructor’s approval. Space may be limited. Priority will be given to seniors who meet the course requirements.

PSY 402 - Introduction to Psychology - 1/2 Credit

Psychology is a broad and fascinating science. This one semester course will examine how the field of psychological informs our understanding about human behavior, emotions and cognition and impacts our everyday lives. The course will use a combination of interactive lectures, handouts, assigned readings, written assignments, and videos to study a variety of contemporary topics including: applying the scientific method of inquiry to behavior, cognition and emotion; basic neuroscience and physiology; human development across the lifespan; learning, memory, motivation; intelligence and language development; emotion, stress and wellness; and psychological disorders and treatment. Assessment methods: In addition to major tests, quizzes, and a final examination, students will be required to complete a formal 4-6 page research paper. Please note, Introduction to Psychology is a one semester course that fulfills an elective requirement. This course will be offered each semester.

Prerequisite: Space may be limited. Priority will be given to seniors.

HIS 408 - Introduction to Economics - 1/2 Credit

This course is a survey of the fundamental concepts of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. It is intended to provide a general understanding and working knowledge of economic concepts needed for living in a market economy. Microeconomics focuses on the decision making process of a single individual, household, firm, industry, or level of government. Macroeconomics studies decision-making as a whole. The two branches of Economics are related, just as the overall economy is a sum of its parts. As a social science, this course analyzes how individual choices affect the overall economic conditions facing society. Also, formal writing will be assigned to each student to investigate current issues. This course is conceptual and has no math prerequisites. This is a one semester course that is offered each semester.

Prerequisite: Space may be limited. Priority will be given to seniors.

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